Account Hierarchy with custom lookup field?

  • 1 November 2016
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Has anyone successfully set up Account Hierarchy using a custom lookup field?

Going into Administration/Account Hierarchy, I have the option of only selecting Parent Account ID from the lookup relationship field picklist.  The fact that it is a picklist tells me I should have the ability to have more than one option.  We are in the process of determining now how to enable AH, but we aren't able to use Parent Account ID (due to reasons) but want to potentially leverage a custom object.  Anyone know how to enable a custom object to appear in this picklist?

10 replies

Hello Jeff,

Please create a custom lookup field on Accounts object. It should be a self lookup field i.e., both parent and child objects should be Accounts itself.

The same custom lookup field will be displayed in Account Hierarchy configuration page, select the field you have created instead of the default Parent Account ID field provided by Salesforce.

This process will enable your use case.
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Thanks bangar!
Can another object be used? Say a lookup to a custom object?
No, you can't use any of the object other than Accounts to capture the hierarchy flow of an Organisation/Customer. 

You can use a lookup to only Accounts object.
Got it. Thanks!
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Amber - We could potentially use the Relationships feature to help out with your custom object scenario. Happy to connect and chat further.
Thanks @Manu. We haven't settled on a plan yet, but will definitely engage when we're closer. Thanks!
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Currently the AH is showing us Accounts that have not been added to Gainsight, such as Prospects. Is there a way to filter the AH section to only show specific customers? i.e. Active customers (Status = Active)?
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We are adding some AH section level filtering and sorting options in the next release. Would you also want to exclude such Accounts from roll-up calculations?
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Did the filtering and sorting options get added?