Accessing Past Scorecard History when new Scorecard takes effect

  • 27 November 2018
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We are preparing to create a new scorecard which will apply to some accounts that previously had a different scorecard. Both of these scorecards will be active simultaneously.

Is it possible to still report on the previous scorecard history of an account once it moves to a new scorecard model?

Also, is there way to report on accounts by which scorecard model is applied?

3 replies

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Hi Jeff,

I was recently digging into this and found that scorecard 2.0 reporting structure is not the easiest to navigate. I'll recap my findings and hope that it helps!

Account Scorecard History Object- The Account Scorecard History object snapshots all applicable scorecards so if you have multiple scorecards active for an account, you'll see multiple records for each snapshot date. The scorecard name column will pull in the scorecard ID:

You can filter by the specific scorecard name to report on the history of one scorecard vs another.

Scorecard Fact Objects - It's my understanding that this object shows current state data for a specific scorecard. You will have one fact object for every scorecard. If an account applies to multiple scorecards, then it will have a record on those applicable fact objects.

If account was once assigned to scorecard A, but now is assigned to scorecard B then the account will be present on both Fact A object and Fact B object. However, the record on the Fact A object will not update since scorecard A is no longer active for that account.

In this example, the scorecard criteria was changed so the account changed from scorecard A to scorecard B in July. This is a report built on Scorecard A Fact object and you can see the last modified date:

This results in the account being listed on both of my scorecard fact objects, though one score is not actively being updated.

Company Object - If you are building a report on current scores, the company object's scorecard value should reflect what is shown on the C360 for that account.

Issues that I ran into - When I set up my second scorecard, I didn't have the logic correct which resulted in accounts with two scorecards simultaneously. This caused me some trouble when I created a report based on scorecard trends across all of our customers. Since I had accounts with multiple scores, my total record count was much higher than my customer account (red flag for my end users) and it was hard to trust the aggregate data since my scoring model was based on the assumption that an account would have one score or the other.

I'm still struggling to figure out a great way to report on health across all of my accounts. Right now, I'm splitting up my records based on the applied scorecard.

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You basically described exactly what I am experiencing. This multiple-scorecard thing is not very easy to manage. Supposedly they are working on a way to be able to report across multiple scorecards using Scorecard Groups.

And my assumption was as you described it above, re: Scorecard Fact Tables. But it's not well documented at all.

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Has this been resolved at all? We are running into the same issue here.