Ability to view Scorecards 2.0 in Customer 360 Usage section

  • 12 June 2018
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I've been informed today that you cannot view Scorecards 2.0 in the Customer 360 Usage section, this would be extremely helpful if we could.

7 replies

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Hi Richard,

You can add Scorecard 2.0 to the 360 section where you can view the current scores & history of the scores over time. Could you provide some mode details on how you want to view the Scorecard data?
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wanted to view in Customer 360 Usage section
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told by Gainsight could not do this
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Aditya - The key criteria here is that Richard would like to view this information within the Usage section of Customer 360. I was under the impression this was not possible.
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Hi Easton,
Yes, the usage section reads data from the usage object Salesforce. With Scorecard 2.0 the scorecard data is not stored in the same object...hence the data will not show up in the usage section
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Hi Richard,

The scorecard data will not be visible in the Usage Section, but you can add reports built on the scorecard to the 360 section. Can you provide some details on the kind of reports you want? (/how you want to consume the scorecard data)
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Hi Aditya, I have spoken to the User who would like the report and he has said: [i]The report I’d like
would be just like the usage graph on all CS, (Customer Success) health metrics
with the ability to add milestones

So he would like a report similar to the current Usage report in the Customer 360, preferably with the ability to add milestones - but I suspect that even if we can build a similar report, he will not be able to add milestones to it.