Ability to limit permissions on C360 or Shared 360

  • 21 September 2017
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Is there any way to limit who can see a specific 360 layout?  For example, I want to create a layout that contains information that our CSM's don't need to know and I would want to limit the permissions to view that layout to a specific group of users.  Same question for the Shared 360 - is there a way to limit who can view/share a specific 360 layout?

6 replies

Hi, Kate - 

You can create multiple 360 layouts and assign the layout by setting criteria. For the C360, it's under Administration>Analytics>Assign Layout

Hope that helps!
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Thank you, Angela. 

Does that mean that if I assign a group of accounts to a specific, new C360 layout, that the default C360 view will no longer be available for those accounts?  Or, if I choose a unique user to have the New layout, that all other users will view the default layout?
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Angela, to add to Kate's comment, the other challenge we have is when you use the two attributes for the layout assignment it needs to be for all assignments. For example, I have 4 types of C360 views:

1) Management view: very simplified and only upper management should see it

2) Standard view: more details and thus we want everyone except upper management to be able to see this view.

3) Management Relationship View: only for those accounts that have relationships on them (not all accounts) and only for upper management to see

4) Relationship view: only for those accounts that have relationships on them (not all accounts) and everyone except upper management should see it.

So you can see how complex the setup for the views can get when only 2 attributes can be used and both attributes have to be completed and in the affirmative only (so if I have 5 different roles in the org, I would need to create one assignment for the same C360 per role).
Good question. So far, I haven't tried to create two or more C360 virws of the same account where I (or anyone on my team) can see more than one view on the same accounts at the same time.
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Yes, you are correct, Kate. For C360 layouts, you do not have the ability to assign multiple different layouts to the same account and user field combination.

For Shared 360 layouts, the admin can create multiple layouts and all the layouts can be viewed by the CSM and shared with external stakeholders. 
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I have a follow up question on this. 

We've had gainsight for about 7 months now... and have been using 1 C360 layout. We have some government customers and need to enable permissions for those C360s to only the account manager and CSM that run that account. 

From the above thread I understand that I need to create a new C360 layout for these accounts. My question is what happens to the existing C360s for these accounts? Can you migrate them - or do they disappear?