Ability to include links to records in other systems from C360 view

  • 11 November 2016
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Is there an option to show hyperlinks to customer records in other systems from the C360 views? 

A few customers have asked for this ability. An example can be a link to Aria or an internal system. The hyperlinks already exist in the Account record in SFDC, but is there an option to also show them and make them clickable from the C360 page? 

16 replies

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The only ways to show links are "Account Attributes", "Summary Widget" and also if you have a FieldType of URL and you add them into relatedLists they become clickable. 
Possibly these three I can think of . 

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Thanks for the quick response Azhar. 

Just to make sure I get it right - does that mean that if we add a field that is a link on the SFDC account page to the "account attributes" tab or fields on the summary section of C360, these links would appear as hyperlinks and be clickable? 

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You mean formula field to create a URL to the homepage. ? 
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I mean, if there is a link/URL to a different system (e.g. Aria) in the SFDC account page, can we make this link/URL appear in some section in the C360 and it'll still be clickable? 

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Sadly, no, We don't don't have that.
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Is this on the roadmap somewhere? More and more of our Jupiters are using several systems of records, and having the ability to quickly link from Gainsight C360 to these other systems is critical. Otherwise they'll just go to SFDC and spend less time in Gainsight
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Nadav - Is it a URL type field? I think we show those as active links when added to C360 Summary or Attributes.
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I suppose it is, as it does appear as a hyperlink on the SFDC account page. 
I'll ask the customer to check
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Echoing this.

I have a customer using related list modules in the C360, a few of which have URLs as values. These URL values are not clickable. From the Account Page in SFDC, however, they are. It would be great if these URL values could be clickable from within Gainsight.

Would love to hear if this is on the roadmap! Let me know if I can provide any additional information.

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I don't know if this is exactly what you're asking/looking for, but...

We have a Link on the Account object to an external system.

We added to CS360 Attributes section:

It appears as a clickable link on CS360 (but the URL itself does not display)

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Thanks Jeff - this is great!
Hi - Jumping on this bandwagon.  We have several links to internal systems for data (example: Link to Splunk) that our CSMs are asking to have access to in Gainsight. 
Any update on this. We've added buttons to salesforce records that easily send them to the related record in another system but asking my users to double hop, from gainsight to the related account in salesforce then to the internal admin tool is not functional.  

Would love the ability to ad a custom button to the customer 360 page or display a link in UI view that would take them there. 

I'd need the ability to set the url using the a static base + a merged identifier that is on the customer/account.
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You should be able to create a formula field of the type URL on Customer Info object. This formula field could point to the base URL + the identifier. If you add this field to C360 Attribute section, it should be clickable.
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Hi Everyone, I am sorry,currently there is a bug here. This will be resolved and pushed to customers in October patch(Tentatively Oct 3rd)
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Thanks Sai. Can you please clarify what is the bug and how it will be fixed?