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  • 2 April 2019
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Good Morning-

I have a request from our CCO to include a text section in our R360 that lays out the contents of the customer lifecycle stage that a client is currently in.


If a client is in the "X" lifecycle stage, this is what "X" means:

- Summary

- Duration

- Entrance Criteria

- Events

- Risks

- Opportunities

- Exit Criteria

The idea here is that as a client moves through the customer lifecycle journey we can reinforce to our CSMs what the meaning of our lifecycle stages are. The text box would automatically update as the client moves from one lifecycle stage to another (unique text for New Client, Onboarding, Adoption, etc.) via the rules engine. As we roll out new functionality, updates would be made to the notes alerting the CSMs of the new functionality.

This would be phased out once we determine it is no longer needed and only leveraged for new CSM hires.

Is this possible? How would one accomplish this? I explored the option of using Success Plans, however this idea was put on the back burner because of the use of CTAs which we want to roll out slowly, and the need to have this information easily accessible for our CSMs as soon as possible.




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Hi Jim, you can update the comments area of the C360 and R360 using the Gainsight Rules engine. Select the Load to Customers (or Load to Relationships) action and add a custom field as shown, then create your text contents and map that to the Comments (STRING) field.

In this example, I am filtering out all $1M+ ARR customers and dropping a comment "Big Dollar Customer" using the rules engine.

Which then appears right at the top Summary section:

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Thanks Dan.

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Is there a way to put in line breaks in the comments section?

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Figured it out. If you want to put formatting into the Comments section, use HTML code.

<B>: Starts Bold

</B>: Ends Bold

<br>: line break